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Hi! I’m Cathryn

Designer, Marketer, Creative Operations Consultant

Throughout my career I’ve held a number of roles in design and marketing and one thing is true – I love the creative process. Even more so, I love working with creative teams to help them achieve their goals and ultimately create great work.

With over 15 years of experience inside of the creative process, that’s exactly what I do on a daily basis. I work with in-house creative teams to break through creative bottlenecks, develop efficient workflows, document systems and processes, navigate change, and implement long-term solutions.

My goal is to then enable companies to maximize their talent and turn it into a thriving, confident and agile team that delivers exceptional results, driving company growth. If you could use help with any of the above, reach out below! Let’s chat.

Are you experiencing these common roadblocks?


Chronically missed deadlines


Undefined roles and lack of project ownership


Constant lack of clarity or focus


Staff turnover or client retention issues


Non-existent systems and processes


Teams feeling more reactive than proactive


Lack of resources or effective tools


1. Strategic audit

Your operations have hit a roadblock (or many) and you don’t know where to begin to fix things. I can meet with you as an objective outside expert who can diagnose the problem, prescribe an actionable plan, and provide you support to implement that plan within your organization.

2. Project oversight

You’ve identified an issue that your department is struggling with and need support to move the team from problem to solution. I’ll help arm you with some new best practices that fix your pain points, earn team buy-in, and can be easily sustained for the long-haul.

Let’s make this year your best year yet. Send me a message below to get started.

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Based in Lexington, Kentucky
Phone: (606) 416-4658
Email: cathrynhahn (at) gmail.com

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